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Our Core Values

Our Service

We will always strive to provide excellent service at every point of contact with customers and insurance companies; working toward smooth communications with all parties. When we are fully engaged; we connect with, laugh with, sometimes cry with and always look to uplift the lives of our customers. We start with a commitment to the highest level of quality, but it goes up and beyond that to a positive human connection.

Our Quality

We will always strive to deliver a high quality repair; with fit and finish equal to original manufacturer’s fit and finish. The end result we strive for is an invisible repair.

Our Integrity

We will always strive to be honest in our dealing with customers, insurance companies and each other. We strive to be transparent with every aspect of the claim and repair process; continually encouraging each other to be our best.

Our Efficiency

We will continually strive to improve efficiency in everything we do in order to provide better value and service to our customers and to improve the environment we work in.

Our Environment

We strive to look good to customers at all times. This includes exterior, lobby, workstations, clothing and grooming. We want our customers to enjoy their time with us and we want to have an environment that is as efficient as possible, so we can be as productive as possible.