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9 Step Process

Step 1 – Customer Claim Guidance

On average people have need of our services about once every 10 years; in light of these statistics we know you are coming to us not knowing what to do or how to do it so we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible. We are a direct repair shop with a number of insurance companies to make the claim handling easier and we are networked in with most other insurance companies and will make connection with their claims staff to get your claim handled as quickly as possible.

Step 2Blueprinting

We have embraced the idea of blueprinting every repair. After we do a meticulous disassembly we have a team evaluate the full extent of the damages in order to have a complete picture of the repair before we start the actual repair. This process eliminates the typical stops and starts; we start with the end in mind which helps us deliver a better quality repair.

Step 3 – Structural Repairs

Over the years we have continued our quest to maintain a state of the art status with our approach to repairing vehicles. It is very important to us that your vehicle functions the way the manufacturer planned for it to function when we finish the repairs. We continue to invest in equipment and ongoing training. Our people truly make the difference; our highly trained and dedicated staff makes Eagle Body Works what it is.

Step 4 – Body Repair

This segment of the repair process has been around ever since vehicles have been around and in need of collision repairs, although a lot has changed in this area. The products we use to perform these repairs have been re-engineered over the years and the procedures have been modified enabling us to provide a lifetime warranty on these repairs. We don’t just focus on repairs that look great when you pick your vehicle up but we also want your vehicle looking great decades from now.

Step 5 – Paint Analysis

The first thing you will see when it comes to the repair of your vehicle is the paint. We are fortunate to work with PPG paints to help us guarantee you will be delighted with the paint we put on your vehicle. Paint matching has come a long way over the years; PPG now offers what is called a Spectrometer. Basically does is helps us match your vehicle paint to very close tolerances. When the manufacture painted your vehicle they started with a paint code but because they paint so many vehicle in a row and then at different times of the year the paint code is not always exact; there might be as many as 9 different variants for the same paint code. We do everything possible to match what the factory did and PPG is a big help for us to do just that.

Step 6 – Finish Application

We follow strict guidelines on refinish products application always doing all we can to match the factory color and texture. A few years back we switched to waterborne base coats because most manufactures made this move. The benefit is two-fold for us; it’s better for the environment and because it’s what the factory does we can match your vehicle paint better.

Step 7 – Final Cleaning

We know you have a busy schedule and are looking to get back to life as it was before the accident so we take the time to give you a good clean up so you can do just that. We want your experience with us to be as enjoyable as possible.

Step 8 – Final Inspection

We know your vehicle is most likely the second largest investment you have only second to your home. So we take the time to evaluate the repairs that were made to your vehicle as well as examine your vehicle to be sure we have done all we could do to be sure you are thrilled with your repairs. Being involved in a collision is stressful enough we don’t want you to have to worry about the repairs.

Step 9 – Customer Delivery

Our goal is you are very pleased with all aspects of what we offer here at Eagle Body Works, from your first contact with us to you picking up your vehicle after the repairs. As we have stated we do all we can to make the repair process as smooth as possible and we want your experience with us and that process to be a positive one. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.